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Changes have recently been made to the way we deliver your LTT magazine in the light of the fact that it is no longer possible to sustain producing the magazine as a traditional print product. We have advised all subscribers about how we’ve moved to a new digital set of delivery options.

These changes follow the work of the Friends of LTT group, who have sought feedback on sustainable ways ahead for the magazine.

This feedback was overwhelmingly supportive of efforts to continue the LTT mission despite regrets about losing LTT as a print product. The process also highlighted the importance of accessibility and frequency, and the need to ensure LTT retains its professionally curated and presented character, and can be enjoyed by the widest possible range of readers, at reasonable subscription rates.

You will probably be not surprised to hear that the most practical option was for LTT to become a digitally delivered product, but with much of its style and structure retained as a magazine, rather than a website.

Working together as Chair of The Friends of LTT working group and the magazine’s Editorial Director we are pleased to advise that a re-invented LTT is now being published again under our joint supervision and the continuing editorship of Deniz Huseyin.

In preparing this new incarnation we are pleased to say LTT is continuing to deliver the same mission of independent, authoritative and trusted news and analysis from the UK transport sector with its familiar and closely followed expert contributors. Although LTT is now digitally delivered, for the benefit of those who still want to read the magazine as a paper product, we have chosen to produce it in a way that can still be printed – in A4 print-friendly format – using home or office printing capabilities available to most people.

Many people, however, will hopefully find the convenience of reading LTT on handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets, or on laptop and desktop computer screens a valuable facility in the era of distributed working and the need to access and share documents digitally.

We are also now saving the cost of both printing and posting hard copies of the magazine for delivery to only specific addresses - which is not only more sustainable for us and the planet, but means the economics are much improved and can be reflected in the subscription rates.

Thank you for your continuing support. We are keen to receive feedback and reader input to how we further develop the way we take LTT forward.

Kind regards,

Peter Stonham
LTT Editorial Director

Arman Farahmand-Razavi
Friends of LTT

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A 30-year journey

Local Transport Today has been providing a unique service of news, analysis and comment about everything relating to transport at urban, conurbation, rural and regional levels in Britain for over 30 years.

Founded as a magazine in 1989, it quickly became required reading for planners and transport managers in local authorities, transport service providers, consultants and specialist suppliers and all those researching and studying the challenges of providing mobility and accessibility for people and businesses all around the UK.

Over the years, conferences and seminars, online information resources and other networking and knowledge exchange activities - including an annual Local Transport Summit - have been added to the mix.

During the Covid-19 lockdown this year, LTT introduced a regular fortnightly series of online conversations which became must-attend discussions for those tackling the impacts of the pandemic on local transport.

The most recent innovative step has been the switch to digital publication including the app, which provides an equivalent to the printed magazine to be viewed on smart devices with the latest user-friendly capability to display all the individual stories and features in large easy-to-read formats by a single tap on a screen. There are also direct links to all featured websites and email addresses mentioned in the magazine.

And now our new app…

Our state of the art digital delivery system brings LTT magazine to smartphones and provides subscribers with the latest capabilities and functionality for those wanting to read on their mobiles.

The new LTT Edition app is using the advanced technology of PageSuite, a digital publishing services company helping the producers of magazines and newspapers to create market- leading desktop, tablet and mobile solutions. LTT will join other uses of the system including international magazine and newspaper publishers like the Los Angeles Times, the Boston Globe and a range of consumer and business magazines.

Along with the new platform we’ve been developing for in-depth discussion of transport issues, we believe the addition of the app to the LTT portfolio strengthens the ways in which we can help members of the LTT community receive and consume information and join discussion, and themselves contribute to building professional knowledge and capability.

All LTT subscribers are automatically able to sign up for the app facility through unique passwords issued as part of their LTT memberships.

…and desktop viewing facility too

As well as the app for mobile devices our state of the art digital delivery system can also bring your LTT magazine to your desktop.

Access the latest issues as a subscriber via your web browser using the same login details we’ve provided to you to download and activate the smartphone app.*

You’ll need to go through our subscription portal via the ‘Read it on your Desktop’ button below and use the ‘Already a subscriber?’ section on the left of the screen you‘ll then see.

If you’re not a subscriber, just visit the same login screen and registration section to purchase this facility through PayPal.

*If you’ve not received or saved your login code please contact us at

Plus you can print it too!

For those who still want to read the magazine as a paper product, we have designed it in an A4 print-friendly format, ready for you to print at home or in the office. You can print a whole issue or select and print certain pages.

Here’s what we cover for you

The UK Local Transport Eco-system at a Glance(!)

Transport issues and challenges are now a complex overlapping web of different localities, activities, modes, professional disciplines, technologies and financial and governance models. The LTT team uniquely understand this matrix and how all the different elements fit together.

A diagram showcasing how all the different transport elements fit together