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You will doubtless have been awaiting further news about the future of LTT magazine in the light of the statements in the issues of 23rd July and 6th August that it is no longer possible to sustain producing the magazine as a traditional print product.

We also told you about the work of the Friends of LTT group, who have been seeking feedback over the past few weeks on sustainable ways ahead as the magazine took a break in publication.

This feedback was overwhelmingly supportive of efforts to continue the LTT mission despite regrets about losing LTT as a print product. The process also highlighted the importance of accessibility and frequency, and the need to ensure LTT retains its professionally curated and presented character, and can be enjoyed by the widest possible range of readers, at reasonable subscription rates.

You will probably be not surprised to hear that the most practical option is for LTT to become a digitally delivered product, but with much of its style and structure retained as a magazine, rather than a website.

Working together as Chair of The Friends of LTT working group and the magazine’s Editorial Director we are pleased to advise that a re-invented LTT has just been published again under our joint supervision for the first time after an absence of six weeks, and the continuing editorship of Deniz Huseyin.

In preparing this new incarnation we are pleased to say LTT is returning to deliver the same mission of independent, authoritative and trusted news and analysis from the UK transport sector with its familiar and closely followed expert contributors. Although LTT is now digitally delivered, for the benefit of those who still want to read the magazine as a paper product, we have chosen to produce it in a way that can still be printed – in A4 print-friendly format – using home or office printing capabilities available to most people.

Many people, however, will hopefully find the convenience of reading LTT on handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets, or on laptop and desktop computer screens a valuable facility in the era of distributed working and the need to access and share documents digitally.

We are also now saving the cost of both printing and posting hard copies of the magazine for delivery to only specific addresses - which is not only more sustainable for us and the planet, but means the economics are much improved and can be reflected in the subscription rates.

The LTT you can now again receive is our best effort in the circumstances. Over the next couple of issues, we will be tweaking the magazine in response to feedback from our subscribers, addressing any shortcomings in the digital delivery of LTT. As always, LTT will remain an evolving and dynamic product.

To recognise the gap in publication and In order to ensure we affect a smooth transition to the new delivery channel, all subscriptions are being automatically extended for two months.

Thank you for your support, apologies for the interruption to service, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

Kind regards,

Peter Stonham
LTT Editorial Director

Arman Farahmand-Razavi
Friends of LTT

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